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A Recipe for the Perfect Art Fair

All the things the Art on Paper Fair does right

Big Names and New Discoveries

Art on Paper had plenty of recognizable names on offer: author and artist Dave Eggers’ humorous sketches of animals at Electric Works, as well as Barnaby Whitfield and William Powhida at Gallery Poulsen. But I’ve always relished discovering new artists at the fair, and this year I wasn’t disappointed. Josephine Taylor’s pastel-colored paintings of nudes at Catharine Clark Gallery were entrancing, and Rachel Grobstein’s miniature paintings mounted on pins played tricks on the eye at AHA Fine Art.

Rachel Grobstein_at_AHA_Fine_Art

Rachel Grobstein at AHA Fine Art.
Alanna Martinez


A close of Rachel Grobstein’s Ajax, 2015-16.
Alanna Martinez

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