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Maria Dimanshtein | AHA Artist in the Press

Maria Dimanshtein

I create work about what it means to be a human in the context of the Universe:
living the everyday life with an awareness of the infinity of time and space. My collages, drawings and installations are intimate and poetic and are based on my own experiences.

 Maria Dimanshtein - from the series "The states of mine"
Maria Dimanshtein - from the series "The states of mine"

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Arlene Rush | AHA Artist in the Press


“The last couple of decades have been exceptionally productive ones for Rush. She has examined the peculiarities of twinship in a series of photos that take on family memories, pop culture (Barbie and Willie dolls), and masterworks of art history. She has worked with casting different body parts, made photos inspired by a bout with breast cancer, and contributed installations commemorating the fortieth anniversary of Ntozake Shange’s choreogram “for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf.”

Arlene Rush, Untitled Vaginal Installation (2006-2015), resin, fiberglass, oil, ink marker, and acrylic

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Jeremiah Johnson – AHA Artist in the Press


My work explores the dislocation between the contemporary drama of “dream and reality”- the notion that the world offers you both in different guises but gives you neither.

Jeremiah Johnson, House of Worship - 2 views

see also video: "The Dream Home Project"

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John Breiner – AHA Artist in the Press

Artist Spotlight: John Breiner

New York based artist John Breiner started as a street artist, and it shows. His graffiti-esque aesthetic fits quite well with his current canvas of choice: discarded old books and found objects. His pieces mix the rebelliousness of street art with the beauty of watercolors, resulting in paintings that explode with color as they twist and curve in brilliant ways. To see some of his more recent work, check out his portfolio. We included a few of our favorites in the gallery above.

John Breiner
John Breiner, 2017 

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Vincent Arcilesi – AHA Artist in the Press

A fully-formed surrealism permeates the figurative works of Vincent Arcilesi in his retrospective … The human figure reigns supreme in Arcilesi’s masterworks, in which various stages of life from birth to death, and various actions over the course of that life, are documented with a fine-tuned stylistic quality.

"Vincent Arcilesi, Summer Night in Rome"

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Alexis Hilliard – AHA Artist in the Press

My work consists of complex large scale collages, handmade and pieced together from thousands of cut out photographs. Utilizing images from history, art references, and my own pictures, I’m able to create intricate swirling compositions out of paper that aesthetically resemble traditional oilpaintings.

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Alexis Hilliard is a native of Portland, OR. She received her BFA in painting, photography, & video from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. Upon graduation she began working for numerous artists throughout the Pacific Northwest and abroad (including Gage Academy of Art, at The Florence Academy in Italy & for the American artist Bo Bartlett). In 2014 she received her MFA from the New York Academy of Arts in Manhattan. She currently lives in Brooklyn and specializes in complex large scale handmade collages.

India Evans – AHA Artist in the Press

The Art of India Evans “erotic energy is the ultimate creative force”

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 Interview by DISINFO
DISINFO: Can you discuss the path you have walked to become the artist you are? Who were your inspirations and influences when you began your journey as an artists and what other artists have you discovered along the way? 

INDIA EVANS : Being raised by two hippies one (my father) being an artist and the other (my mama) believing that having a life surrounded by art was important taught me so much but above all it taught me to go with the flow of life and to be ok in the uncertainty – that the universe has a safety net under me. Love was our religion. Meaning- imagination, compassion, happiness, creativity, gratitude, intuition and freedom were what mattered most. Continue reading India Evans  – AHA Artist in the Press 

AHA Artists in the Press – Suyeon Na

Suyeon Na – AHA Artist in the Press

“My work centers on the interaction of female psychology with the fluctuating contemporary world, using mythological figures and symbols. I am drawn to the transformative power of visual storytelling. By weaving my own personal mythology into my work, I investigate the psychology of self that revolves around changes in personal, social and cultural environments.

"I investigate the dynamics of how the self is shaped by changes in personal, social, and cultural environments." 

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AHA Artists in the Press – Rachel Grobstein

Rachel Grobstein – AHA Artist in the Press

As visitors move past the entrance, into the dozens of booths (art on paper fair) that line the room, the work quickly shrinks in size. One tiny work — smaller than a sheet of printer paper — manages to catch the eye by imitating insect displays in natural history museums. “Afterlife,” by Rachel Grobstein, appears to capture and categorize all sorts of biological and pop cultural matter: a football helmet, a lightning bolt, earthworms, an hourglass. Amidst the brightly-colored clutter, the tiny eyes of paper birds stare out at you. (more) 

Artwork from Rachel Grostein - "Afterlife"
“I create miniature sculptures and paintings, filtering real world objects through a meticulous handmade process and using a radical scale shift to invite close scrutiny.”

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