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Arlene Rush | AHA Artist in the Press


“The last couple of decades have been exceptionally productive ones for Rush. She has examined the peculiarities of twinship in a series of photos that take on family memories, pop culture (Barbie and Willie dolls), and masterworks of art history. She has worked with casting different body parts, made photos inspired by a bout with breast cancer, and contributed installations commemorating the fortieth anniversary of Ntozake Shange’s choreogram “for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf.”

Arlene Rush, Untitled Vaginal Installation (2006-2015), resin, fiberglass, oil, ink marker, and acrylic

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Jeremiah Johnson – AHA Artist in the Press


My work explores the dislocation between the contemporary drama of “dream and reality”- the notion that the world offers you both in different guises but gives you neither.

Jeremiah Johnson, House of Worship - 2 views

see also video: "The Dream Home Project"

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John Breiner – AHA Artist in the Press

Artist Spotlight: John Breiner

New York based artist John Breiner started as a street artist, and it shows. His graffiti-esque aesthetic fits quite well with his current canvas of choice: discarded old books and found objects. His pieces mix the rebelliousness of street art with the beauty of watercolors, resulting in paintings that explode with color as they twist and curve in brilliant ways. To see some of his more recent work, check out his portfolio. We included a few of our favorites in the gallery above.

John Breiner
John Breiner, 2017 

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Carol Crawford – AHA Artist in the Press

The imagery produced by Carol Crawford reflects people throughout history seeking asylum in a strange new land, often combining pieces of places around the world that have seen destruction and migration of people. The large collage simulates the waves of immigrants walking together to find a new home. The backdrop, an image captured in Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy, is a cloudy sky punctuated by light, creates a sense that they are descending from the heavens in their most vulnerable time.
ENDLESS MARCH by Carol Crawford
Carol Crawford, Endless March, 2018 
Photo collage, painting and mixed media - 12” x 36” x 4 1/2”

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