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Margaret Withers on making art a priority and how to find inspiration

Artist Margaret Withers is recognized for her works on paper which are a mix of narrative, abstract and modern surrealism. Her paintings explore conflicting ideas of joy and melancholy, as well as community and aloneness.

She’s exhibited her work in group and solo shows in the United States, and internationally in Brussels, Australia, Berlin, China, Vienna, and Russia. She lives and paints in Manhattan, New York.
“If you slow down how you see things to where you’re almost in a meditative state, then you can find inspiration in anything. You can look at things differently as if you’re seeing them for the first time. There’s inspiration in that slowed-down space.”

Joyce Brown: In 2011 you changed your life so that art would be your primary focus; what were you doing before and what change did you make?

Margaret Withers: When I lived in Denver, I worked for the defense contractor, Boeing. I was doing computer programming related to configuration management. I eventually moved to New York to work for SAIC doing the same type of work. Part of my decision to move to New York was because of my art. I wanted to try to get to another level, and I figured New York was the best place for that to happen. At the same time, I had this idea, this dream, that I would just get discovered. I used to imagine that someone would just wander into my studio and fall in love with my art, and that’s all I needed to do. Of course, that didn’t happen. I call it the Peggy Guggenheim syndrome. Continue reading Margaret Withers on making art a priority and how to find inspiration


Show Dates: extended through August 31st, 2015

Please join us for Andrea von Bujdoss’s AKA Queen Andrea’s solo exhibition “Dusk Till Dawn” at AHA Fine Art, 139 Eldridge Street, NYC.

Queen Andrea’s solo exhibition Dusk Till Dawn features new paintings inspired by her endless love of geometry, typography and New York City’s horizon.



Along with her typography pieces, this exhibition presents her recent forays into a complex and colorful world of dynamic geometry, as in her piece Red High (shown left), acrylic on canvas. The paintings on display share a common theme of vibrant color and detailed geometric gradations that evoke the subtle, but dramatic color of the sky, transitioning from dawn and dusk and vice-versa. Queen Andrea’s use of a multifaceted and innovative color palette is a growing theme in her new compositions, Expressed through her boisterous, yet perfectly calculated interplay of color and geometry, her work is reminiscent of 1980’s pop art graphics and patterns.


Queen Andrea’s new typography paintings feature chiseled and geometric letters spelling out popular hip-hop and pop culture phrases, such as Hustle Hard (shown below), projecting both positivity and personal empowerment.

Hustle Hard


Queen Andrea is building a reputation as an extremely dedicated and innovative typographist and visual artist. Her recent projects include large-scale murals commissioned by mural programs such as, The LISA Project, Wall Therapy, O’nou Tahiti Graffiti Festival, JMZ Walls, Jersey City Beautification Project, and more. Additionally, Queen Andrea was selected for the prestigious Bonnaroo Music Festival and the historic 191st Street Tunnel Beautification Project in collaboration with The City of New York and the MTA (Mass Transit Authority).



This is Queen Andrea’s second solo exhibition with AHA Fine Art and her fifth solo exhibit in NYC. Queen Andrea is a native New Yorker, raised in SoHo, Manhattan. Queen Andrea has been deeply inspired by the urban landscape from an early age. She paints with some of the most prolific “old school” graffiti writers and actively taught herself graffiti by painting on the streets, on canvas and on paper. Queen Andrea has consistently pursued, for almost twenty years, her graffiti and typography skill-set, which has evolved her graphic style into fine art and a vivid visual vocabulary.

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Hours of operation are: Wednesday – Sunday from 12 – 6 PM or by appointment

AHA @ Fountain Art Fair

“Do It Yourself and Do It Well at Fountain Art Fair”

Sophia Narrett

” In a different but decidedly related vein, a work by Sophia Narrett at the booth of Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art dismantled the idylls of a kind of Garden of Eden (whose overall shape vaguely resembles the US) with glee. Titled “An Origin of Dolls,” the piece made from embroidery, yarn, and acrylic is vigorously messy and frayed, its edges coming apart as if Narrett were still steeped in the process of creation.”

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