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Q&A with DUMBO Artist Wynne Noble

“Long time DUMBO artist, Wynne Noble, is a potter, sculptor, teacher, artist extraordinaire. Over the years she has created work that’s appeared in many galleries, many high end stores, and has even participated in many DUMBO Arts Festivals. Meet the lady behind the wheel as DUMBO BID fellow Rachel Hamburger, sits down for a chat about art, the duality of nature, and Wynne’s pottery classes.

How long have you been in DUMBO?

Wynne Noble: I have been here for about 30 years now.

So you have seen the neighborhood really evolve over the years. How did you end up in DUMBO?

WN: Oh absolutely. I was working in Soho and then was priced out.

Have you always been interested in pottery?

WN: Always. My interested started as a young girl. I saw a potter making something clay and I said, wow! I want to be that magician.

What inspires you as an artist?

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