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The imagery produced by Carol Crawford reflects people throughout history seeking asylum in a strange new land, often combining pieces of places around the world that have seen destruction and migration of people. The large collage simulates the waves of immigrants walking together to find a new home. The backdrop, an image captured in Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy, is a cloudy sky punctuated by light, creates a sense that they are descending from the heavens in their most vulnerable time.
ENDLESS MARCH by Carol Crawford
Carol Crawford, Endless March, 2018 
Photo collage, painting and mixed media - 12” x 36” x 4 1/2”

Through a humanitarian lens, forces of nature are quantified by the amount of people that have been impacted, similar to the ways in which war, cultural transitions, political agendas and economic shifts can abruptly change people’s lives. Unexpectedly, there is a sudden and immediate need, people arriving and asking for safety and salvation in an entirely foreign place; strangers blowing in from afar. As much as these individuals do not know what to expect, neither do the people living in the areas that have been spared from tragedy. On both sides there are repercussions and people meet and are forever changed. Like a Tsunami or tornado, the forced and unanticipated movement of people can seem disastrous and unwieldy. Despite the perceived danger, many come to help, to offer what they can to those who have been devastated. They are lending space and connection to something hopeful in this life. The sharing of these experiences create emotional vulnerability that is palpable. Communal change and healing occur among people who otherwise would have remained strangers in a vast, unconnected world.

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