Roger Laux Nelson | AHA Artist in the Press

Roger Laux Nelson

I consider my work to be simultaneously realistic and abstract. The realism requires no comment as it is self –evident, it is the abstract that remains ambiguous.

Cityscape Paintings - view more artwork from Roger Laux Nelson

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Alexis Diaz | AHA Artist in the Press

Alexis Diaz

His inspiration comes from all areas.
Everything around him is a source: nature, music, dawning every day, life itself.

Alexis Diaz - view more artwork from José Arenas

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José Arenas | AHA Artist in the Press

José Arenas

Much of my work revolves around having a dual identity, of dislocation and displacement, and of feeling a sense of disorientation from growing up in 2 countries. These two geographies, Mexico and the United States, were parallel worlds with distinct customs and rituals that have become a point of investigation in my work …

José Arenas - view more artwork from José Arenas

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Margaret Roleke | AHA Artist in the Press

Margaret Roleke

The installation “Seagreen Mist” was part of the project Island Universe. Following the ancient Chinese notion of the five main elements of nature (fire, earth, water, metal and wood), a group of artists was invited to explore elements of Governors Island: Water, Wind, Light, (Is)land and People. Transforming the rooms, stairways, and hallways of a house into a series of installations …

Margaret Roleke, “Seagreen Mist”
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Carly Ivan Garcia | AHA Artist in the Press

Carly Ivan Garcia

Carly Ivan Garcia has developed and evolved a unique neo-abstract art style. Garcia’s language of imagery is translated through strong form and bold palettes. In the past few years, his work has been shown in numerous gallery solo’s around California and countless group shows all over the West coast.

Carly Ivan Garcia, "Forty Yards Dash"

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Jun’ichirö Ishida | AHA Artist in the Press

Jun’ichirö Ishida

I envision my art as promoting the positive essence of the human experience to create harmony in the community. I want my pieces to wake up the audience from idling in the impermanence of the floating world and make them become aware of living fully in the present moment. To advance them to a level of consciousness embodied in the following declarations: Live the life. Now is the time. Focus and concentrate.

Jun'ichirö Ishida, "Meditation on the Emptiness"

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Bedel Tiscareno | AHA Artist in the Press

Bedel Tiscareno

In the human figure, I find a framework of infinite possibilities for content and narrative that is viscerally connected to each of us. The well-established tradition of figurative sculpture in almost all ethnic cultures throughout the world immediately connects me to a dialogue that demands contribution and adamantly opposes resolution. At this stage, I create my work on a small scale. Although I have goals of creating larger work, the current scale enables me to express ideas with relative speed and efficiency. My solitary free-standing figures are as much maquettes for larger, as yet to be realized works as they are finished pieces.
Often times, the piece developed as a lone sculpture will find its way into a composition consisting of multiple figures.

Bedel Tiscareno - Zebra
Bedel Tiscareno, Zebra

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Nola Romano | AHA Artist in the Press

Nola Romano

The paintings of Nola Romano depict a personal iconography of self portrait- based narratives of multiple identities. Dual Jekyl and Hyde personas reside in layered panoramic landscapes. Ms. Romano’s work takes inspiration from a myriad of sources ranging from British children’s book illustration, to Renaissance painting, and natural history illustrations. The female characters, animal companions, and their narratives collide in a maze of mishaps in the cycle of life.

Nola Romano, "BUMP" (2017) - Acrylic on canvas - 72" x 60"

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Prescient Presence:

“Your Presence is Requested”

Opens Thursday, June 28 at 131 Chrystie Street

Solitude and displacement rub elbows on the confluence of the fault lines defining Your Presence is Requested. This group exhibition, featuring painting, sculpture, mixed media and more, investigates the presence of self both internally, physically and even in the case of absence: the vestiges of self that can linger in the outlines of landscapes, or in abstracted self-portraits. Opening on Thursday, June 28th from 6-9 pm, the exhibit is housed at 131 Chrystie Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood. The exhibit features artists Maria Dimanshtein, Juan Miguel Palacios, Vincent Arcilesi, Arlene Rush, Grace Baxter, India Evans, Junichiro Ishida, Suyeon Na and many more. The exhibition is produced by Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art in partnership with Maria Dimanshtein.

Aptly identifying and probing the span of narratives that connect figuration and abstraction, the exhibit applies a careful lens to the both constructed and candid depictions of self. One can identify with an event, an object, a location or a particular viewpoint of one’s own persona. Emotional and psychological perspectives are firmly entrenched in the various aspects that artists choose to portray in this insightful group exhibition, on view June 28-30 only (hours 11 am-6 pm on Friday/Saturday.) This exhibit evinces a rare comprehensive look at the range of artistic stylings and approaches in both visioning and re-visioning the self as beginning and end, alpha and omega. Nothing can influence one’s own outlook as much as the mysterious psyche, the hidden depths of self that remain necessarily unable to reveal yet reveling in their surroundings. From the cryptic depictions of Twins by Arlene Rush, to Palacios’ lush, painterly portraiture and Arcilesi’s multi-hued figures situated in ambiguous space, the range of artwork on view is sure to delight any collector.

Artwork by Vincent Arcilesi

At times alternately introspective and extroverted, the works on view vary widely in style and subject matter while intrinsically examining the parameters of self. Artist Maria Dimanshtein notes that her works include… “use dark colors along with white ink and shiny textures to incorporate my poetic writing into my visual [art].” Dimanshtein notes that her art probes many subjects, including, “anxiety of freedom vs. comfort of the mundane [and] a yearning for a divine power.” The works prove as impactful as their meanings are elusive, with the artists mostly monotone compositions combining with text to provoke dizzying and at times discomfiting narratives.  .

With works by over twenty artists on view in Your Presence is Requested, Arcilesi | Homberg has assembled a dazzling breadth of viewpoints examining the human psyche. On view for three days only, this not-to-be-missed exhibit connects the threads of self-examination present in the works of world-renowned artists working across the spectrum of contemporary art practices.  Arcilesi | Homberg sees their focus as forging innovative pathways in the world of contemporary art, noting that they “challenge conventional fine art parameters”. Your Presence is Requested goes a long way to showcase these efforts.

maria dimanshtein.PNG
Artwork by Maria Dimanshtein


The exhibition opening on Thursday, June 28 from 6-9 pm features music compliments of DJ Danny Glover along with wine. The exhibit at 131 Chrystie is in the heart of Manhattan’s buzzy Lower East Side gallery district, easily accessible from the J/Z trains at Bowery station or the 6 train at Spring Street.  The artwork on view spans a variety of artistic mediums, and artists will be available in person to discuss their works and specific processes.

For additional questions, concerns and for extra visuals please contact Francesca Arcilesi (, Norma Homberg ( or Maria Dimanshtein (

Artwork by Juan Miguel Palacios

“Your Presence is Requested”


Reception: Thursday, June 28 – 6-9 PM

131 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

"Your Presence is Requested" AHA Pop-Up Show 2018

On View: Thursday, June 28 – June 30th

131 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002